Presentation  (last modified on September 16th)

Oral Presentations:

All presentation should be used by presenter’s PC by connecting HDMI or D-Sub connector. Connection to projector should be checked prior to your presentation time.

Poster Presentation

Please use portrait format with maximum dimension: 120 cm height X 90 cm width.  

Short Presentation  for  Poster Preview(within two minutes using two-page PDF file, A4 size with landscape format) is scheduled from 3:00 PM on Sept. 26th.

Please upload pdf file for the short presentation by September 15th from following link(extended from September 8th).

Please use poster number and name for file names. (ex: 27P18_TaroKeio.pdf) Poster number will be announced by the end of August.

Presentation time on Wednesday 27th is as follows:

Odd number:13:00-13:45   Even number:13:45-14:30

Poser presenters are responsible for removing their materials by 4:30 PM on Wednesday 27th.

Short presentation submission


Presentation Award:

The award will be presented for presenters (including students) under 30 on September 28th, 2023. If you would like to apply for the award, please check one of the presentation types in google form (Long oral communication is not subject to review.)