・Access (last modified on September 16th)

・Accommodation (last modified July 17th)

There is a vast number of hotels are available in Shibuya, Shinagawa, and Yokohama areas.

Hotels in the closest area (within 20 min. by train) to the conference site are shown below:

Musashi-kosugi Area  (5 min from Hiyoshi Sta.)

Hotel Seiyoken ★★★  JPY6,000~7,000 / night

Super Hotel Premier Musashi Kosugi Ekimae ★★★  JPY14,000~15,000 / night

Shin-Yokohama Area  (6 min from Hiyoshi Sta.)

Super Hotel Shinyokohama ★  JPY8,000~9,000 / night

R & B Hotel Shin Yokohama Ekimae ★★  JPY6,000~7,000 / night

Toyoko Inn Shin-yokohama Ekimae Shinkan   ★★  JPY6,000~7,000 / night

Court Hotel Shinyokohama  ★★★  JPY8,000~9,000 / night

Shin Yokohama Prince Hotel  ★★★  JPY10,000~11,000 / night

Shinmaruko Area  (7 min from Hiyoshi Sta.)

FLEXSTAY INN Tamagawa ★★  JPY8,000~9,000 / night

Kawasaki Green Plaza Hotel  ★★  JPY9,00010,000 / night

Musashinakahara Area  (12 min from Hiyoshi Sta.)

Toyoko Inn Musashi-nakahara Ekimae ★★★  JPY8,000~9,000 / night

Musashishinjo Area  (15 min from Hiyoshi Sta.)

Kawasaki Daiichi Hotel Musashi Shinjo ★★★  JPY8,000~9,000 / night

VISA (last modified July 17th)

An application for visa is made by the applicant him/herself at the Japanese Embassy / Consulate General with jurisdiction over the area in which the applicant lives or those with jurisdiction over the country of which the applicant’s passport is issued. In some cases the application may be made by an accredited travel agent that has been approved by the Japanese Embassy / Consulate General. More information can be also found on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.

An official invitation letter can be sent by the Organizing Committee upon request. This letter does not involve any commitment by the Conference Organizers to cover fees, accommodation, travel expenses or other costs connected to the participation in the Congress.

The invitation letter is not intended in any way as confirmation of registration.

The Organizing Committee will not be held responsible for the visa not granted.